Hey, Denver Tech Folk.

Let’s take a different approach to networking. Let’s make friends.

There are tons of great professional networking opportunities for us in Denver, so we wanted to focus on helping tech industry folks get together in a more personal way. We want to bring together designers, developers, product managers, students, teachers, leaders — and more! — in ways beyond what you do for a nine-to-five.

Join the club

Get together, online or

Buddy up for a meetup, plan a hike, or start a remote worker happy hour. If it brings folks together, we’ll support it.

An illustrated image of a group of people hiking.
An illustrated image of a group of hands over books, portraying a bookclub.

Connect over your passions.

Reading, crafting, video games, you name it. What are you into outside of work? Chat about it with the community!

e’re just
getın started.

You found us at the beginning of our journey, and we have lots planned! For now, joining the club gets you access to our sparkly new Discord server. We’ve set the server up with some neat channels and features to help us build connections. We’re also working on a members-only directory, events — like a meetup clone light, just for us! — and more.

We’d love to have you in the club. So what do you say?

Join the club